Otago news: Essay and exam workshops (attn: lecturers & undergrads)

By Grant Jacobs 01/06/2010

This post is mainly for those at the University of Otago (Dunedin, New Zealand). Non-locals are welcome to comment on the workshops, of course.

(Source: University of Otago Higher Education Development Centre.)
(Source: University of Otago Higher Education Development Centre.)

Not all students arrive at university with good essay-writing or exam skills.

While at the Science library yesterday, a small flyer drew attention to workshops available for students to improve their exams and essay-writing skills.

If they haven’t already, I would encourage lecturers to let their students know that these courses are available for students that feel they might benefit. (I doubt many undergraduate students read this blog [let me know if you do!], but I know a few lecturers do.)

I realise this comes late in the university year, but better late than never!

To view the full set of courses available and to register for the courses, go to the website for the Student Learning Centre, housed within the Higher Education Development Centre.

The flyer indicates that many courses have been run earlier in the year, but there are still a good number coming up including:

  • Writing the University Essay
  • Surviving Exams: Preparing and revising for exams
  • Surviving Exams: Essay Writing for Exams
  • Surviving Exams: Mindmapping for Exams

Good luck to all the students with your exams & essays!

For further reading, try fellow blogger Alison Campbell’s articles about exam and essay skills on bioBlog or TalkingTeaching, where she shares some thoughts on how to remedy these deficiencies, for example her article writing that essay.

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