Sunday reading list (13 June 2010)

By Grant Jacobs 13/06/2010

What characterises a scientist journalist? (And related things.) Bora Zivkovic asks Am I A Science Journalist? and gets a good number of replies from those who blog, or write about science for a living. Greg Laden wrote a blog post in reply. In a related vein, Rob Kitchin from the National University of Ireland lays out his list of issues to those blogging (or thinking of blogging) from an academic setting.

Myrmecos If you like photos of insects, check out Alex Wild’s blog, which tracks ’Alex’s exploration of insects and the other little creatures that run the planet.’ The illustration to the right is cropped from a photo on his blog.

Open lab summissions In a recent list of submissions to Open Laboratory 2010, the annual publication of the best of blogging, I saw that someone has kindly submitted one of my own articles. You’re welcome to submit others that you think are a good read and will translate to print without too much editing. Check the list out, there’s plenty of good Sunday reading there. Don’t forget to look around sciblogs too!

Agora movie preview (This topic hasn’t much to do with science, at least not directly, but – hey! – it’s the weekend.) Larry Moran featured a preview on the movie Agora on his blog, Sandwalk. The comments are worth reading for a little historical debate. I’ve embedded the preview below for those who don’t want to trek over to Larry’s place:

Football Word Cup In time for this event I have picked up a copy of Terry Pratchett’s Unseen Academicals. Don’t get me wrong, I love the game, but my coverage is limited to free-to-air television and most of the matches are only available on subscriber television. I’m off to sit in the sun (a luxury in winter!) and read it. I hope my readers’ Sundays are as relaxing!

Other articles on Code for life:

What is your relationship with your research notebook? (Researchers have intimate relationships with their notebooks)

Autism genetics, how do you copy? (A ’lite’ summary of the recent Nature paper on CNVs in autistic people)

To link or not to link: is that the question? (Is linking with articles really a style question or a technological problem?)

New Ministry of Science and Innovation for New Zealand (Join the discussion about governance of science)

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  • Myrmecos If you like photos of insects…

    Hey! I do the spinelessness around here on a Sunday 😉

    In fact, I should actually get round to finishing that post up.

  • Yeah, I meant to mention that and clean forgot… sorry.

    Mind you nothing like a little competition to get you going 🙂

    Looking forward to seeing your post.

    I love the leaf hairs in the photos, makes it look as if the beetle is foraging in a pasture.

  • Ha, no worries.

    Alex is one of those guys that makes me feel very shy about even bothering to put my amateur photos on the web, he has some just stunning pics.