Friday reading – Legionnaires' Disease, human ash sculptures, and more

By Grant Jacobs 18/06/2010

As a science blogger my web browser gets full of open tabs holding articles I’d like to read, but haven’t time to do more than skim. Weeding out the good but not good enough to leave you with the better of these, I give you with this reading list:

Legionnaires’ Disease occurs in New Zealand occasionally. Pump Handle’s blog post reports that a The European Journal of Epidemiology research paper concludes that perhaps ~20% of cases in England and Wales can be linked with car windscreen wiper fluid, not a source most of us would think of.

(Source: via BoingBoing.)
(Source: BoingBoing; artist: Wieki Somers.)

Immortalise yourself as a 3-D sculpture using your ashes? BoingBoing has a short post pointing to Dutch artist Wieki Somers’ work. (Click on ‘Consume or…’) An example is shown to the right. (HT: @JenLucPiquant)

The New York Review – that home of good book reviews – now has blogs, good ones too. (HT: Neuron Culture.)

Lancet editor sacked. The Scientist outlines some of the back story to why a senior editor at top medical journal The Lancet has been sacked.

Save research funding: close alternative medicine centres? PZ Myers passes on a money-saving idea for the NIH: close the centres investigating ’alternative’ remedies. (Potential saving: $US240 million.)

Measuring science and scientists. Nature News has put up a round-up of their articles and editorials on science metrics. (Not all the linked entries are open access, unfortunately, but some are. It’s a pity that they don’t indicate which are (are not) so if you aren’t a subscriber you get to find out by trial and error!)

Open Access 101. NCAR Magazine has an article looking into Open Access in some depth.

As always, comments welcome…! (Encouraged, in fact!)

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