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By Grant Jacobs 28/06/2010

While waiting until I’m happy with several original posts in the pipeline (one is scheduled for tomorrow but I’m fussing about the others…), a quick round-up on the intriguing, interesting or plain batty in the science blogosphere is in order while I wait for England to do battle with Germany.*


Spoofing Jenkins. Guardian columnist Simon Jenkins is rallying against science again. Over at Nature Network Jennifer Rohn is challenging science blogging to write a spoof of his latest rant (’Martin Rees makes a religion out of science so his bishops can gather their tithe’) and add it to her growing collection, In which evil boffins seek revenge.

Inside the Outbreaks. What a cover! Scienceblog’s book club is being re-activated with this book, with introductions to the author, discussion panels of experts in tracking down diseases, Start at the beginning and follow the fun over the next 5-6 posts.

Hyperlink articles are linking on. I previously wrote following on from others writing following on from Nick Carr’s post. Librarian Christina K. Pikas joins the fray, arguing that Hyperlinks support the type of reading scientists have always done, drawing a few comments.

Colonising hydrothermal vents. Hydrothermal vents are essentially cracks in the ocean floor that spew hot materials into the water. They attract a surprising amount of life, considering that they are on the floor of the ocean. Hannah Waters writes about studies are looking at how these vents become colonised.


* On a football field in South Africa.

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