First step of PepsiCoGate is over

By Grant Jacobs 09/07/2010

A brief note to let my readers know (via PZ Myer’s blog) that PepsiCo’s Food Frontier blog has been removed from scienceblogs.

Looking at scienceblog’s pulldown list of blogs, indeed it is gone. For the back story, see my earlier post in this drama and comments I have added that point to other sources.

I say in my headline that the first step is over as there will be a fair bit of work in front of the scienceblogs team yet.

Adam Bly (who head scienceblogs management) is calling for input.

At least one blogger (David Dodds) won’t be returning.

Corporate blogs aren’t necessarily ’wrong’, but clearly the way this one was introduced into an existing setting (and for some the nature of the blog) upset too many existing players; Abel Pharmaboy (from Terra Sigillata) has some useful thoughts on this. Another breakdown can be found at The Lay Scientist.

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