Scienceblogs: now less to aspire to?

By Grant Jacobs 10/07/2010

So much as been written about the scienceblogs kerfuffle over the now gone PepsiCo blog that I last wrote there was little I could add.

(Cropped image, original from Wikimedia Commons, ‘code-monkey’.)
Ooh, what a buzz. (Cropped image, original from Wikimedia Commons, ‘code-monkey’.)

Before I get back to writing about science let me add a short thought that seems less often mentioned in the out-pouring of words on this topic.

Most of the focus – rightfully – has been on the writers at scienceblogs.

Another crowd affected may be those that looked to scienceblogs as something to aspire to.

Perhaps some of them will be turning their aspirations elsewhere? Or at least paused for thought to think it through.

It seems to me that the scienceblogs business model in part depends on being a scene that independent science bloggers look up to.

I want to strongly emphasise that in no way do I want this thought to demean those writing under the scienceblogs banner. Here I’m thinking about the business model, not the writers.

Now that I have budged this stubborn thought from my head I hope I can move back to the business writing about science and science communication. Readers can use the links below as a starting point!

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