Friday photo, links and video (16th July 2010)

By Grant Jacobs 16/07/2010

The end-of-the-week round-up of those open tabs…

But first the photo of the week, the rings of Saturn in the distance behind Lutetia photographed in Rosetta’s flyby of Lutetia. For more details see the Rosetta blog.

(Source: The Planetary Society blog.)
(Source: The Planetary Society blog.)

OK, now those links:

And a video, from NASA, Interstellar Clouds And Dark Nebulae (great viewing):

Other articles in Code for life:

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  • Looks like the Rosetta and the data it gathers could change our view of comets, away from that of comets being made of ice. Maybe some of the data they find will push us away from the gravity theory more to the electric theory. That is if people are open to ideas outside existing dogma with all its quandaries.
    The electric universe is alternative theory to that of gravity based astrophysics, in which electricity takes its right full domain at the head of the table. It explains the jets of plasma in galactic photos as well as the shapes of galaxies, it takes into account the cosmic magnetic fields and doesn’t need a whopping 70% unexplained dark matter.
    Anyway something to think about.

    • Derek,

      You have been using the comments sections of people’s blogs at sciblogs to plug your interests for a long time now and people have been patient here with you about it.

      If your ‘electric universe’ notion, cold fusion, etc. are things that you wish to write about, I suggest you go to and set up your own blog.