Walking with Rex

By Grant Jacobs 17/07/2010

(Source: RexBonics.)
(Source: RexBonics.)

In the news over the past few days from New Zealand is Rex, an exoskeletal robotic leg system for paraplegics.

It’s often said that (hard) science fiction inspires the future and RexBonics’ robotic legs are no exception, apparently inspired in part by Sigourney Weaver’s character in Alien using a robotic exoskeleton to fight off an alien.

(Listening to the interviews, it is clearly more inspired by the people who might benefit, including one of the developers.)

The name Rex comes from robotic exoskeleton and is the result of seven years development by the Auckland company backed by local investors No 8 Ventures.

As you can imagine this has sparked a lot of discussion, including criticism.

For a  very quick view (38 seconds) of Rex in action, this from Russia Today:

A more detailed coverage with interviews is provided by the New Zealand Herald (3 min. 56 sec.):

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