Blogimmuniqué: Tracking the science blogosphere

By Grant Jacobs 20/07/2010

Introducing a new section on my blog that lists other science blogs and more departures from the US-based scienceblogs collective.

A blog tracking list The main reason I am writing this quick post is to introduce a new section on my blog. If you look at the lower portion of the banner you can see a series of links to pages. Today there is one more. In this screen shot I’ve highlighted the link to draw your attention to it:


I want to emphasis that this list of blogs is not just for those blogs that were formerly part of scienceblogs; it is for all science blogs, anywhere. The current exodus from scienceblogs is merely the ’inspiration’, if you want to call it that, that has promoted me to start this.

This will take some time to develop – I’m only one man and I have a busy day job! – but the first dozen or so blogs are already on the list. If there are others you’d like to suggest that I consider adding, let me know.

Today departures The exodus over at Scienceblogs continues, with Bora Zivkovic, ’PalMD’ and Deborah Blum’s blogs all on the move. Orac, of Respectful Insolence is left pondering.

Bora Zikovic’s long farewell post is an interesting account of both his personal development as a science blogger and science blogging as a whole. It’s worth reading. (If you can find the time, it is long!) Deborah Blum has built her’s around a Tennyson poem.

David Dobbs summarised Bora’s post on twitter thusly: BoraZ summary: Blogs have matured. Ecosystem changing. Exciting times ahead, add: Serious blogging is Media; ethics follow

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0 Responses to “Blogimmuniqué: Tracking the science blogosphere”

  • Thank you. The diaspora from Scienceblogs has been hard to track until now.

  • Possum,

    Thanks, but no need to thank me really. I wrote it as much for myself as anyone else. I’m using it as a jumping off point when I want to visit a science blog.

    While I’m writing, readers are welcome to nominate additions. They don’t have to be ex-sciencebloggers (about a fifth or whatever aren’t ex-sciencebloggers, or left long before the current exodus).

  • I think John Wilkins’ Evolving Thoughts is a very nice little blog that you might like to add ( I’ve written to him thanking him for his Basic Concepts in Science list before. I’m glad these lists are cropping up, it’s nice having bloggers together on one platform, but as that’s not working out, the lists will have to do. Tetrapod Zoology as well, is an absolute favourite of mine. Very engaging.

  • Thanks Matty,

    I’d added ET. (Twice. Sodded WP threw me out as it often seems to. Grrr.)

    If you like TZ, I supposed you’ve spotted Zoolillogix and the very bottom of the scienceblogs list?

    I’m leaving off the scienceblogs ones at the moment, partly as they’re easy to find and partly to save a little time. I’m favouring listing those that are independent or with less obvious visibility. I will (probably!) get around to sb some time, though.