Consumer brain-computer interface

By Grant Jacobs 25/07/2010

As you read this blog article, your brain is processing what it sees on the screen. The devices you interact with the computer are most likely a keyboard, mouse or trackpad.

Imagine instead thinking about what you want the computer to do and the computer responding to that.

Tan Le from Australian company emotiv in the TED lecture below presents what could be described as a commercial mind-reading device.

The headset can be purchased for $US299.

I was writing the other day that science fiction looks ahead to where the future might go. Who’s for picking more of this to be part of it?

This is not the only mind-computer interface on the market; Wikipedia’s Comparison of consumer computer-brain interface devices page is one starting point to learning about competitor’s efforts.

Emotiv also has a Facebook page, where you might learn more about what they are doing. (Their latest post reports that interest in the TED lecture overwhelmed their web server.)

I would love to hear the experiences of anyone who has used any of these devices. It must be a remarkable experience when you first instruct a computer to do something directly with your brain.

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