Blogimmuniqué: Scientopia, a new blog collective

By Grant Jacobs 03/08/2010

A brief heads’s up to my readers, saddle up because there’s a new science blog collective in town: Scientopia.

I will update my list of other science blogs when I get time to work out who has moved.

Scientopia is in town... (Source: Wikimedia Commons.)
Scientopia is in town... (Source: Wikimedia Commons.)

(While I’m writing, this list has grown since I first wrote about it. It now includes most of the larger (biology-oriented) collectives, a few of the lists of science blogs and more independent blogs. You’re welcome to recommend more to add to the list.)

Among those that have moved from scienceblogs to Scientopia include Book of Trogool, Scicurious, Janet Stemwedel’s Adventures in Ethics and Science, Christina’s LIS Rant, GrrlScientist (and her partner Bob, in addition to his Nature Network blog) under This Scientific Life, Good Math/Bad Math, The Questionable Authority, White Coat Underground, and Drugmonkey among others.

They look a good collection of bloggers, about 25 of them, with several I regularly follow. With the numbers they have from the onset and the mix of people, I’d say they’ll make a fist of it. Best of luck to those over at Scientopia, and welcome to your new home.

You can follow them on twitter or RSS.


Bora already has some thoughts on the new collective up. Also, from John Rennie.

Introductory posts are appearing all over the science blogosphere, as might be expected. Some with a few thoughts in addition to the welcome include:

  • Brian Switek has an excellent piece, Back in the Saddle that discussions a lot of what has happened over the past month, ending with Scientopia. (If you’re into dinosaurs – who isn’t? – I can thoroughly recommend his blog.)
  • Jason Goldman: A (New) Blog Announcement
  • PZ Myers: Say hello to Scientopia & quibbles about the word ‘respect’. (That it is not some to be earned, not granted, is a pet peeve of my own, too. Haven’t looked to see how it’s used in this context or had time to think about it’s use in this context either.)

A noisy welcome, indeed!

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