Media7 Spotlight on Science and Technology special

By Grant Jacobs 16/08/2010

New Zealand Readers* should watch Media 7 on Thursday 19 August at 9.10pm, TVNZ 7, which will

[…] explore some of the many problems that journalists face in dealing with developments in science and technology. It will also consider some of the frustrations that scientists experience when they have to explain their work to journalists.

Media7’s on-line blurb closes with

Media7’s special will seek to bridge the gap between the scientists and the journalists, and will be looking at some of the spectacular communications failures.

Should make for entertaining viewing!

Host Russell Brown will be joined by Dr. David Haywood (writer), science journalist Alan Samson, Radio New Zealand Science producer Phil Smith and our own Peter Griffin (of the Science Media Centre) and Dr. Rebecca McLeod (marine biologist).

If what Russell Brown is saying on his blog is anything to go by, the topic of NZCSC’s stunt of challenging NIWA’s climate data in court is likely to come up. See also Hot Topic for a more complete take on this. (And far too many other blogs…!)


Updated to correct Rebecca’s name (see comments).

* It’s been brought to my attention that you can view TVNZ7 on-line. (I haven’t verified this. Work calls…) Overseas readers, and local viewers without a Freeviewâ„¢ decoder for their TV, may be able to access the show this way.

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