Science blogging aggregated and streamed

By Grant Jacobs 22/08/2010

There’s two new circuses in town.

Not science bogging carnivals, ways of following science blogging.

The first is a new site that pulls the most recent five posts from a long list of science blogging sites (via RSS feeds), presenting them on a single page for easy access. (I’d like to think most of my readers have already stumbled onto this one way or other, but if not, now you know.)


It lists 54 different science blogging groups, including quite a few I’ve never seen before. They also host a list of science blog carnivals, and a blog that includes instructions for those wishing to have their blog added, requests for suggestions for improvements, and so on. There is also a twitter account (which is not a stream of the posts, but for discussion about the site) and an RSS feed. Built by Anton Zuiker, Bora Zivkovic and Dave Munger.

The second, which has available for a few days now, is a science river, a stream (erm, no pun intended) of posts from a wide range of science blogs, developed by Dave Winer. This is more like a twitter stream or a PR release stream or individual blog posts with a brief lead-in to the article.

science-river blogs are listed in both, also for some reason there are no abstracts for our efforts on the science river as there are for blog articles from other bogging sites. At least we’re having better luck than Neuron Culture, whose feed displays only the name of blog site! I imagine these initial glitches will pass with time. Developing software is like that. (I ought to know…)

I have some thoughts about these services, which I may ramble on about offer suggestions and critique in a later post.

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