Follow Science Online London, on-line

By Grant Jacobs 03/09/2010

Quick note: if you’re interested in science communication you can right now follow Science Online London via twitter. (10:50pm NZ time.)

It’s a confusing but wonderful mess of short notes on the events as they happen. Lots of sound bites that trigger food for thought. There is a live video stream, too. (I find the video stream a bit hard to follow, but those with better hearing should be fine – ?)

The programme is also on-line.

Better move fast… there have been 50+ tweets has I’ve written these few words!

Confusingly, there is also a #soloconf hashtag, with the conference background, etc., so it looks like the ‘official’ one, but it seems to me that the ‘unofficial’ one is… well, it’s confusing. I’m probably not going to figure this out until after it’s all over…!

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