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By Grant Jacobs 06/09/2010

Blogimmuniqu̩s Рblog communiqu̩s Рare missives about Code for life itself.

My blogimmuniqués are not as grand as a formal communiqué… but it is fun to invent a word! Google indicates I’m the only person using my neologism. Is this a good thing or a bad thing? (To matters worse, I sometimes stretch the definition and make it about blogging more generally.)

There are a couple of changes to comment policy on Code for life implemented this morning that I want to let you know about. (Thanks, Aimee!)

No registration required. As most of you (should) know, you don’t have to register to comment on Code for life. I opted for this to encourage discussion. This isn’t new, but it’s worth repeating.

No moderation once first comment is accepted. Moderation settings have been altered so that a newcomer’s first comment will be manually moderated, but subsequent comments will be accepted without moderation ’instantly’. This is to both encourage discussion – it’s hard to have a conversation if you have to wait for a few hours for a comment to appear! – and to ease the burden on me (less to moderate). This does not mean I’m changing to an ’anything goes’ commenting policy, just one that hopefully allows conversation to flow.

Comments with many links will be junked. To make my life easier, all comments with more than 3 URLs (links) will be sent straight to the spam folder. (I have been moderating a lot of spam.) While I can retrieve ’lost’ comments, it’d be better people didn’t toss them into the spam in the first place. Just a fair warning!

Off the subject of comments, posts will be erratic or absent over the next few days. I’ve written 337 posts in slightly less than a year, but I’ve been feeling too swamped with work demands over the last couple of weeks to write as I would like to. It‘s the reason behind there being fewer substantial articles. (Did anyone notice?!) I will be very tight for time until this weekend at least, so don’t be disappointed if there are few posts, or any, or that those that are made are scratchy over the next week or so.

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