I've had a sex change, am older than I am, but write happily most of the time

By Grant Jacobs 20/09/2010

Did the news about my sex change get your attention?

Going around science blogs over the last few days have been another of ’those’ blog text-analysis web services. (The previous one was What famous writer do you write like?).

Go to http://urlai.com/ and enter the URL of your favourite blog, or your own.

Apparently I write with a wide range of ages, but most often like someone much older. I seem to have unexpectedly become bisexual with a slight leaning to female. Less unexpectedly, most of the time my writing is happy and there is an even split between academic and personal.

(Source: http://urlai.com/url/sciblogs.co.nz-code-for-life)
(Source: http://urlai.com/url/sciblogs.co.nz-code-for-life)

I’m not alone amongst my fellow sciblings in having developed unexpected mixed gender ’issues’ and not writing writing my age. I won’t spoil the fun and will let people find out for themselves.

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0 Responses to “I've had a sex change, am older than I am, but write happily most of the time”

  • Hmm… maybe my sciblings are keeping what this web service judges them to be to themselves?! (Yes, I’m egging them on…)

  • Oh all right! 🙂 Apparently I’m an elderly gentleman (somewhere in the age range 66-100), & most of my posts have a happy tone. I’m glad to hear the latter – but the gender issue will be news to my family!!

  • Alison, maybe it thinks the blogger is the boney gentleman to your left 😉

    It’s weird that it thinks you are upset, David. Goodness knows where it’s getting that from!

  • Well apparently I am of the opposite sex and quite a few generations above my present age. Seems also that I missed the boat on mood of my blog as I always thought it pessimistic and depressing. Need to swallow less of those antidperessants – they must be working!!!

  • Well apparently I’m happy (mmm, I wonder if their textural analysis quite got the point of my tiger posts), write in an academic style (ok, reasonable), and I’m probably a woman.

    Because women are more likely go feral, drink with the natives and play with crocodiles? I’m thinking some refinement is required to their algorithms.

  • I wonder what’s with it’s inability to pick gender??

    (More academically, it’s shame there aren’t confidence estimates as part of the report.)

  • Hahaha 🙂

    This is hilarious. Is there something about sciblogs??? Most of us seem to be undergoing gender changes…

    So far, 5 out of 6 times it has those that have written in being of the other gender.