Any Brits abroad here?

By Grant Jacobs 29/09/2010


I hope by now that British scientists abroad are aware of the Science is Vital campaign in response to noises from politicians to cut science spending in the UK.* If you aren’t, head over to Jennifer Rohn’s In which I call my own bluff and familiarise yourself with the details. You’ll want to sign their petition. At the time of writing, there are in excess of 5,800 signatories. A march is being organised in London.

* I don’t have a good handle on the scale of the cuts, but figures of 10-20% are being bandied about. If so, these would have a major impact.

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(I’ve two minds about posting this: this is very late in game so it makes me look tardy – to say the least – but then I’d hate to see anyone who cared about the issue miss out.)

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