Anniversary day for Code for life

By Grant Jacobs 30/09/2010

It’s year since my first article on this blog. Happy blogoversary to me!

Although I wrote a couple of guest posts at Alison’s bioBlog before starting Code for life, and recycled my ‘About’ page as an introductory post on September 24th, my first article, Scientists can’t write?, was written on September 30th, 2009. (I also published just two articles online in 2002 in an aborted bioinformatics/science column.)

I’ve posted 360 articles (excluding this one) and received 1790 comments. (Bear in mind I often use comments to add follow-up information.) I’ve received whole lot more spam – over 63,000 spam comments and counting…!

I’m allowed to indulge myself for one day, I think. Below are some I have gathered (far too many) picks from my first year of blogging. This list is really for my own use but you’re getting the benefit. Or misery depending on your point of view. Well, you don’t have to read them: you can ignore them…

These aren’t necessarily the ’best’ of what I’ve written, nor the articles that have attracted the most comments (which tend to be health-related issues that got over-taken by advocates). They’re just ones that appeal to me.


Science communication


I’ve written several posts head-butting various natural health lunacies over the year. I’ve opted to skip most of them here. They’d make this collection grumpy and beside they feel repetitive to me as the people promoting these ’cures’ make the same errors repeatedly…

Bioinformatics and computational biology


Practicing science

Trivia and fun

I’ve presented a lot of these, but have left most aside as these most often highlight someone else’s content (esp. videos) rather me bringing much to them.

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  • Thanks, everyone.

    David, I’m worried enough that people will misunderstand and think me an egotistical manic for even putting up all those links without me posting them over 5 days! (I do wish, though, that I had split one or two of my longer articles that cover more than one point up.)

    I’m still undecided if it ought to be blogoversary or blogiversary 🙂

    If I’m right tomorrow is the day that is officially one year old.

  • I should add that the people above have been writing science online for years. I’m just a newbie who just made it to one year! 😉

  • Yes, officially it is tomorrow Grant – haven’t planned anything, but will say a few words about the book project methinks…