Quick e-journalism tip: to copy the text not the spam link…

By Grant Jacobs 16/10/2010

… copy the text from an article reader, not directly from the web page.

You want to quote a news website for your article or blog, but when you paste what you have copied from the news website you discover you’ve inserted a spam link to their website.


Annoying, right?

If you’re a Safari user, click on the ‘Reader’ icon in the location bar (shown to left), and select the text you want in Reader. I expect this will also work with article reader plugins in other web browsers.

I haven’t tested this for other browsers. Let me know in the comments how you get on.

What this does ‘trick’ does is to render the story in plain text, avoiding the code in the web page that modifies the contents of your copy/paste buffer.

(A longer route to the same effect would be to ‘print’ the page to PDF, or to save the web page as text, and copy from that. Using the readers is much more direct.)

[Updated to remove the word ‘only’ to make this more correct.]

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