Open Laboratory submissions close in a month

By Grant Jacobs 26/10/2010

A quick head’s up: Open Laboratory submissions close in a month. Readers are encouraged to nominate articles.

Submit to open lab 2010

Open Laboratory collates 52 blog articles each year into book form, in both electronic and print formats.

Entries are nominated (by anyone including the author), then judged, with 52 chosen for publication. The full instructions for nomination have useful guidelines, including:

  • Bear in mind it will be a printed book, in black and white. The articles must easily translate into print form! (The selected articles are edited, but an article won’t get selected if it looks too much work to convert into suitable form for print.)
  • Without wanting to discourage submissions, try not over-submit: copious dross will most likely just annoy the judges! (And perhaps put them off your favourite writers.)
  • The target audience should be a lay audience. Even if excellent, if it’s too geeky it’s unlikely to make the cut.

Current nominations are periodically listed at A Blog Around the Clock.

The final date a blog post can be written for inclusion is the 1st December 2010, so you have a little over a month to go.

(My thanks to a reader who nominated one of my articles. It needs a solid once-over of editing, if you ask me, but I’m grateful for the nomination!)

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