Google's sneak preview and encryption features

By Grant Jacobs 18/11/2010

While writing a new blog article, I have been using Google’s new ‘sneak preview’ feature. You might not know this exists as it’s not immediately obvious. (To my mind, anyway.) For those that aren’t familiar with it, here’s how it goes.

If you run a Google search, you’ll see a magnifying glass icon indicating which items have previews. To bring up the preview, just click any of the white space around a search result and it’ll show a snapshot of the matched page to the right with the matching text highlighted:

google sneak peek w pointer

You’ll see the magnifying glass icon embolden as you roll over space that if you click will bring up the preview. Once you’ve brought up one preview, you can hover your mouse over other search results to bring up their previews. Click again to toggle the previews off.

This feature may be useful for some to peek ahead to see if the content is something you’d like to look into, a sort-of look before you leap for Google searches.

Google now also offers an encrypted version, currently still in beta (i.e. public testing), where the search contents are encrypted between their server to your computer. That I have less need for, but it’s there is people want it. (I’m not seeing previews on the encrypted version, but that may be a matter of them having not yet rolled out all the additional features into the new service.)

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