Occam's Typewriter – a new science blogging network

By Grant Jacobs 10/12/2010

A quick head’s up for those who, like me, try keep tabs on where all these science bloggers are,* there’s new science blogging network: Occam’s Typewriter.

Most of the starting line-up look to be bloggers from Nature Network, including stalwarts of that place Jennifer Rohn, Stephen Curry, Richard Grant, Austin Elliott, Erika Cule, Cath Ennis among others.**

Current posts include:

Stephen Curry: Time travel

Jennifer Rohn: In which I question my own sell-by date

Cath Ennis: Not your average cell signalling talk

Cromercrox: All you bouy are belong to us

Good luck with the new digs!

(Although I do wonder about that motto. Just what do you mean by it? I’m kidding, I’m kidding. Oh, also: in case you think you are launching a day early, it is Friday the 10th here in New Zealand…)


I’ll update my ‘Other science blogs’ page soonish (read: sometime…)

* They seem to move about so much – is restlessness a feature of scientists?

** I confess this weasel wording is ploy to avoid offending anyone I might have missed out. Feel free to add to the list in the comments.


(An update already?)

You can follow them on twitter @OccamT

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