Christmas tree

By Grant Jacobs 18/12/2010

This one bioinformaticians (or computational biologists or computer scientists) should ’get’ immediately:

(If any non-computer science readers don’t get it, you’re welcome to ask in the comments. I personally would have drawn it with the presents on the leaves, but that’s me.)

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0 Responses to “Christmas tree”

  • If the presents were on the leaves, it would have spoiled half the joke..

  • True, I only looked at the picture: didn’t take any real notice of the words as I’m under way too much time pressure. (Sigh.) It’s a nice subtle touch. I just wish the Xmas period wasn’t so busy…

  • If non-computer science readers would like I could write an article explaining this.

    (Heck, I might even write it anyway as it’d give me an excuse to show you a fun twist on a classic sorting algorithm I wrote as a student that didn’t realise was original until a year or so later when someone published the same algorithm. [This may seem dumb—and of course in one sense it is—but as a student you can think what you do isn’t worthy of publication.])

    Let me know if you’re interested. Or not. Or whatever.