Following ScienceOnline2011 from afar

By Grant Jacobs 11/01/2011


ScienceOnline is an annual meeting focused on science communication held in North Carolina, USA, over January 13-16.* The gathering includes many well-known science bloggers and writers, as well as students and scientists.

I’d love to be there but like most of my readers I have to make do with watching events from afar. Fortunately, there is plenty to follow on-line.

One word before I list ways that readers might follow the event: I will update this post as new ways come to light. (See also the comments after this post.) If last year’s event is anything to go by, this is likely to include addition of sources that I become aware of at short notice during the meeting. If readers know of other sources, do let me know and I’ll add them.

Video streaming

If you check the wiki meeting programme page (see below), you’ll see that sessions from rooms ‘B’ and ‘C’ will officially be streamed.**


The twitter hashtag for the meeting is #scio11. (There is already an enormous number of tweets with the #scio11 hashtag.) If you need to contact them their official twitter account is @scio11.

Science 3.0 are offering aggregates of tweets and pictures here:


Science 3.0 will be offering blogs as the meeting progresses in the updates section of the scio11 page:


The meeting wiki has links to everything, in particular the programme:


* Don’t forget to factor in that they’re in the USA!

** Speaking only for my own interests, if I had one more room (as opposed to talks) to be streamed, I’d make it room ‘D’.

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