Beautiful peaceful images

By Grant Jacobs 25/02/2011

If you’re shellshocked from all earthquake disaster reporting, these peaceful images may provide a little relief.

You can view the winners of the annual Wellcome Image awards either at the Wellcome Image Awards website (click ‘View the gallery’) or on this excellent BBC slideshow. The slideshow jazzes things up a little with sound and moving the images around, but the stills are superb on their own. You’ll also get more information about the images on the Wellcome site. Larger copies of the images can be seen by clicking on the images at the Wellcome site (and below). As a teaser, I’ve included two below.

Try guess what this before you click on the image to find out:

Credit: Kevin MacKenzie, University of Aberdeen, Wellcome Images.
Credit: Kevin MacKenzie, University of Aberdeen, Wellcome Images.

Or this:

Credit: Spike Walker, Wellcome Images.
Credit: Spike Walker, Wellcome Images.

0 Responses to “Beautiful peaceful images”

  • Well, I didn’t get the second one. I though perhaps it was a ring of hairs around a spiracle. Lovely images, Grant.

  • Alison,

    You got the first one??!!

    I probably should explain to overseas readers why I put this post up. Probably too late to really reach anyone now, but…

    In NZ we had (and still largely have) wall-to-wall coverage of the terrible stories coming from the earthquake in my hometown right through the day and evening. It gets to you. All my family live there. (They’re OK.) I didn’t feel like writing anything at all and reading angst about science communication issues—that I normally dig into—seemed like so much agonising of nothing of real consequence. When I stumbled on the first few of these images they seemed so peaceful, hence this post. They filled a need at the time that I thought perhaps others might appreciate. Looking back they’re perhaps not that much to others, but that’s hindsight for you.