Life BBC documentary (2009) Prime 8:45pm

By Grant Jacobs 06/03/2011

A quick heads’ up for New Zealand readers that the big budget BBC documentary series Life narrated by the formidable and excellent David Attenborough is screening on Prime TV at 8:45pm. Rating 9.3 (out of ten) by IMDb, reviews say that the photography is superb.

Tonight is the second of ten episodes, featuring amphibians and reptiles. Apparently the opening sequence features a Komodo dragon. While I’ve never seen one (despite having years ago planned to travel the Indonesia Island extensively) I have had the experience of getting out of the water from swimming in the tropics to be faced with and approximately 5-foot long lizard. It was big enough to make me pause for thought ’no, that is not a Komodo dragon…’

Enjoy it – I’ll probably be busy programming!

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