Wakefield, slime moulds and a short hiatus

By Grant Jacobs 26/03/2011

A very short collection of snippets for the weekend.

Scientists are sometimes accused of being over-analytical and that this, supposedly, spoils seeing beauty in things.


I beg to differ. You can debate it in the comments!

This newspaper article has Andrew Wakefield apparently assisting setting up an ‘autism study’ on Somali immigrants in Minnesota, USA. Wakefield has already had his licence to practice medicine withdrawn, and his research work has been described as fraudulent in the British Medical Journal and elsewhere.

A small outbreak of measles has been observed in this community. A number of those affected are unvaccinated children. There are suggestions that this lack of vaccination are a consequence of unwarranted vaccination-autism fears. (This article gives a summary of events as of March 23rd. Local situation updates are available from the Minnesota Department of Health.)

A brief hiatus My schedule for the next week-plus is something I don’t want to even think about. Point is, you may not see much on Code for Life until early April. (Whereupon you might see a whole lot–?) So don’t worry if you don’t see much here in the next short while: I will be back!

You’re welcome to suggest topics you’d be interested in.

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