10,000 pounds on offer in young reader’s book award

By Grant Jacobs 12/04/2011

Do you know someone who has written who has written a science book–with it’s first edition in English–during 2008, 2009 or 2009, targeted at an audience aged up to 14?

If so, let them know about the English 2011 Royal Society Young People’s Book Prize so that they can give their publisher a head’s up to submit an entry.*

The books must be available for purchase in the UK or via an on-line retailer (for which they don’t specific a country) but there are no restrictions on the geographical locations of the author or publisher.

There’s a total of £10,000 pounds up for grabs for the author(s) of the overall winner, with £1,000 to each short-listed entry.

(I’ve used the phrase ’young reader’s’ in my title rather than the award’s ’young people’s’ made me pause. I’m undecided about it. It seemed either mildly patronising or a touch too PC at a first reading. Maybe it reads differently to a Brit?)

* Contact details for enquiries are at the bottom of the linked page. At least one New Zealand writer will getting an email from me shortly!

H/T: @alicebell

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