Professor Ronald and the forbidden fruit – GE apples and a New Zealand visit

By Grant Jacobs 13/04/2011

Three recent articles on feature a New Zealand connection, spanning genetic engineering, Middle Earth and an anti-vaccine campaigner.

If you’re a New Zealander, or have an interest in genetic engineering, you might find Professor Ronald’s account of her visit to New Zealand to learn more about pastoral and crop research here and to speak interesting.

Her account is peppered with anecdotes and links, and also this video:

Among her recollections is being claimed to be ’a stealth agent of the US government’ in a press release (alongside references to WikiLeaks) and some of the commentary that followed.

As for that apple, I have to admit I’m not that fussed about the red colour! But that’s just me.

Wiring with a New Zealand connection also features at in two other articles.

Jessica Palmer discovers “the mythoecology of middle-earth” and decides there’s too much to like in this multi-media presentation. Press the large ‘+’ button to the right to move forward through the rambling collection of podcasts (Peter Jackson, bellbirds), photographs and short articles.

In a less appealing New Zealand connection, Erwin Alber, who has previously written comments on these pages (for example here and heregets a thumping from Orac at Respectful Insolence over his anti-vaccine views. My only gripe is that I wish Orac had time to point out specific things Erwin has claimed to bring it home better. For example Erwin recently wrote this…

The United Nations is unfortunately a tool of the psychopathic so-called “elites” designed to further their nefarious agendas such as Agenda 21 and – via its subsidiaries, the WHO and Unesco – vaccinate us out of existence. Supposedly a champion of human and children’s rights, the UN is itself one of the worst violators of such rights, to the point of arguably being one of the world’s biggest terrorist organisations.


I’m still too busy to find time to write long-form articles as I’d like to… in the meantime, bear me out. We’ll get there!

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Aww, crap.

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  • Hmmm. I don’t care how healthy it is. I’m noy eating an apple that looks like that!

  • Just so no-one gets me wrong. I’m sure they taste good—I love Royal Galas—and I can see some use for the colour, for example in a salad. It’s just that I can’t see the colour by itself motivating me to buy them.

    What were you doing at HortResearch, David?

  • Erwin Alber is one of those way-out-there pro-disease loons who is best ignored. Then again, maybe it’s good to bring him to light so the general public can see what (some of) these people are really like.

  • I was a summer student working on the “traditional” way of trying to map the red genes in a cross between Pacific Rose and a red plant. Found some anonymous markers that might have been on the same chromosome, but nearly enough to actually map the trait. Great place to work though – robots to do your PCRs for you!

  • David,

    Although not my usual line of work, I’ve done some linkage analysis. (On vesicouretic reflux, a human condition where bladder fluids reflux to the kidney to cause damage.)