When children start mooing – a letter to the editor

By Grant Jacobs 13/04/2011

Taking my cue from Peter Griffin’s series of crazy science letters, this appeared in the Otago Daily Times, 12th April 2011 penned by R. Williams of Maryhill, titled GM Milk. I’ll leave readers to their own judgements…

NOW I have read everything. Genetically modified cow’s milk (ODT, 4.4.11). How bizarre. Haven’t scientists anything better to do? Do the donors know their DNA is being used for this purpose? There is no substitute for ’human’ breast milk, or ’liquid gold’, as we in the business know. Why can’t so-called scientists extract lysozyme and lactoferrin from the cows and incorporate these proteins into milk formulas, for those that can’t breast feed. Or would that be too easy?

Nature will win out in the end, when the children start mooing instead of speaking, and eating grass instead of smoking it. Now that’s when I would introduce a fart tax. If China were to introduce a cow’s gene into a human, would we end up with four stomachs–one for wine, one for the entree, one for the mains and one for dessert?

Sometimes I wonder which planet we live on.


The article the writer refers to doesn’t appear to be available on-line.

For those from overseas, the reference to ‘a fart tax’ is a colloquial reference to withdrawn proposal to tax livestock methane emissions.

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