How do you find images for your blog articles?

By Grant Jacobs 04/05/2011 12

To my patient followers–do I have any left?–I’m sorry for lack of writing for the last long while.

My little cottage needed attention, still does. Work, as always, needs attention – still does, too.

Faced with all this my writing today is brief and off-the-cuff.


Once, when I had more time,* I made an effort to fill my articles with images to cheer them up, give (hopefully) interesting asides from the text.

It’s a lot of work, trying to find images that are appropriate in some way, and have no copyright issues.**

I used to scour far and wide. Well, at least spend far too long in google images.

Eventually I sort-of gave up, limiting my efforts to wikimedia (via wikipedia) and a few cartoons and whatnot I knew to not have copyright issues.

Chasing down the original sources, only to be faced with ‘that’ symbol again and again was too much effort.

How do others find copyright-free images for their blog articles?

I’d be interested in your thoughts.

Those with an essayist approach often forgo them entirely, or maybe just add one particularly relevant image.

Others write blog posts that are more collages with interspersed text. Not my style–to me the text is the body of what I want to offer–but those good at it do well. I guess it suits an ADHD approach to reading.

I like to scatter a few in to enliven the text, but it comes back to that copyright thing. (And time.)

So. Your thoughts?


* I’ll find time again when the current rush is over.

** Rather like writing science blogs are a lot of work.

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