Aftershock tweets

By Grant Jacobs 10/05/2011

(Not a science post.)

Rolleston, a outlying suburb / township of Christchurch was woken at 3:05am by a magnitude 5.3 aftershock this morning. A magnitude 4.1, also in Rolleston, occurred at (9:09am), both 15km deep.

As is now usual the #eqnz hashtag crowd got to tweeting. It’s too early to get a handle on it, but thus far the main thing broken seems to be people’s sleep. (There are a few tweets of new cracks, moving bricks, etc.)

The tweets are interesting to read. I’ve collected a few below for your entertainment and insight, grouping them a little under themes. Comments in square brackets are mine.

One guy woke with a window broken on his head:

@Swiggs (Deon Swiggs) OMG that was a huge quake. I mean huge – just shatter the window all over my face! #eqnz – is everyone ok!

@Swiggs Deon Swiggs OMG i cant stop crying. That quake woke me up with glass in mt hair #eqnz fuck this!

[Asked where was:] @Swiggs: @CentrePntMotel the quake shatteret the window behind me. I had curtain slighly open coz hot!

Early tweets now express the usual mix of ’delight’, often directed at an anthropomorphised #eqnz, mild course coarse language, etc.:

@lilGin (Jen) Not AGAIN!!!!! #eqnz

@melwrightnz (Melissa Wright) Shit #eqnz everyone ok?

@five15design (Paul Le Comte) Holly cray – shaky #eqnz [Hi Paul :-)]

@debworkprogress (Deb Robertson) Wahoo that was big #eqnz

@shazster (Shaz Davis) Fark. Awake with adrenalin #eqnz that was big. Everyone ok?

@CentrePntMotel (Jeff & Naomi Peters) now that’ll get the guests up Fuck!! big one! #eqnz Bugger not first! [Must be a nuisance to hoteliers, too, having to get up to deal with their guests, etc. There’s a bit of a race to be the first to report new aftershocks…]

@xCobraDerulox (Nicole (:) Holy shit my heart won’t stop #eqnz im seriously awake now

@NathanaelB (Nathanael Boehm) Quake drill well-practised, torch in hand in 0.7 seconds 🙂 #eqnz [Question for overseas readers: how many of you have a torch within arm’s reach of your bed?]

@SkinBintin (Cameron Hodgson) Just had a big shake in Christchurch! Not fun when your at work at 3am! #chch #eqnz #mothernatureisabitch [Not everyone is asleep…]

@JacqChch (Jacq Gilbert) For goodness sake mother earth … How unnecessary #eqnz

@cheekypixienz (Marie Nicolson) Stuff u #eqnz I was enjoying my sleep.

@matt_dempsey (Matt Dempsey) how did one of our daughters sleep through that! #eqnz

@harrietprest (Harriet Prest) My 30th birthday just started with a 3am wake-up call from a huge aftershock. Scary [Happy Birthday! :-)]

@SamEEENZ (Sam M) Ah Earthquakes; finest alarm clock known to man.

@Charlesnz(Charles) RT @GamejunkieNZ: Crap! That was long and violent. Our son is in tears

@timrealestatenz (tim harris) Big rumbling EQ in Fendalton Now 5 in my bed

@rachaelking70 (Rachael King) For fuck’s sake I am sick of having my kids terrorized. #eqnz Unbelievably, the younger one didn’t wake up, but 4 y.o. very upset.

The reports of things falling off shelves, etc., are mixed with people in different parts of town reporting differently:

@hairylemonusa (Graham Dockrill) That was a big shake on purchas st, almost under the door, things flying off shelves in the bathroom again! #eqnz

@beckeleven (beck eleven) Long but not violent here. #eqnz

@trollassassin (TrollAssassin) #eqnz things started to fall off shelves here at st albans

Felt widely around the Canterbury region:

@Tuglatonic (Bob Vaile) Felt that one in Arthurs Pass

@tomgeeknz (Thomas Mould) Felt in Amberley #viaFacebook #eqnz

@TheOrganist (Martin K) Youch! Felt that one in Timaru!

The guessing game. Predicting the magnitude and location, etc., has being a game on #eqnz

@emfrenteaomar (Samantha Ramos) Let’s bet.. I think it was a 5.3 #eqnz #chch [Spot on! No location, though.]

@juliaandtania (juliaandtania) Woken up by a large aftershock. Now waiting for the official magnitude. Guessing 5.1 and 5km deep within 5km of Lyttelton maybe? #eqnz

Everybody waits to read the GeoNet report:

@emfrenteaomar (Samantha Ramos) Everybody waiting for geonet… it is the most popular website in #chch #eqnz

@Mrs_Harfish (Jess) Like everyone else waiting for geonet. Baby will probably wake up for a feed when I just get back to sleep

@zombiepierate (Baconasaurus) Ah, Geonet. You’re like our own Ryan Seacrest on American Idol. Get out of bed, ******.

@NathanaelB (Nathanael Boehm) Over 5,000 people on the Canterbury Quake Live website waiting with baited breath to see their numbers come up. Bingo!

@madmacnz (Carol K) @Liar_Cressida Some poor @geonet person will have been woken by an alarm to sort this out – they’ll be going fast as they can

@jbhay (jen hay) I am! RT @timstewartnz RT @fleurtee: Pretty sure half of chch Is waiting for geonet to update before they go back to sleep #eqnz [Half the on-line lot, maybe…]

Aftershocks can have social value:

@TellyCHC (Telly Power) #eqnz the aftershock – how cantabs meet other cantabs

@kdmcgowan (katherine mcgowan) @JephSamson hey me too! You must be my neighbour :p

[There are some indications that the all-night takeaways do well after an aftershock.]

Loose tweets (not grouped):

@five15design (Paul Le Comte) That felt like one of the good old shakes of the 70s I grew up with in ChCh [I remember those. (Christchurch is my hometown.)]

@redcantab (Kama Bailey) Have lots of purry furkids on the bed all of a sudden

@davejac (Dave Jackson) Conclusive proof that even after taking a sleeping pill a good shake is enough to get me up

@nzdesignagirl (monique) Stupid gigantiquake woke me put of my sleeping pill’d sleep

@d_jones (David Jones) I wonder if The Grand Chancellor Hotel is still standing? [This is a FAQ.]

@alirafeeq (Ali Rafeeq) looks like nobody on duty ar #press #herlad #tvnz newsroom, no update yet [The internet always beats the media ;-)]

@maryfoulds (Mary) Wide awake now! RT @beckeleven: #eqnz It’s going to be a tired, grumpy Chch today.

@CentrePntMotel (Jeff & Naomi Peters) report from the hill said it was a september type jiggy jiggy shake, so out Greendale way? #eqnz [Some people say aftershocks from different places have different characteristic ‘feels’ – ?]

@earthquakedSam (Sam Johnson) Ar, the true CHCH welcome home gift. Hope all is okay- that was worse than we got in Japan! [One of the student army organisers, I think. They’ve been over in Japan helping out there.]

@metcalph (Peter Metcalfe) #eqnz where you don’t feel a nerd for meeting in the middle of the night

@heabe (Bronwyn Lavery) @DuchessOfSquee oh no, hope you didnt have anything break, we had books off bookshelves here… [DuchessOfSquee is such a good twitter name.]

@jacki_johnson (Jacki Johnson) Know you have landed in Christchurch when pilot announces weather and size of aftershocks this morning

@crigsnz (Katrina Criglington) Wow 5490 aftershocks since 4 Sept last year, that’s incredible

@NathanaelB (Nathanael Boehm) Whilst big, these quakes are nothing like the 6.3 that felt like an ant riding on a vibrating electric shaver. And the noise!

@heabe (Bronwyn Lavery) @elpie *looks for the off switch* #eqnz

And with that I’m done, too. (Besides, the tweets about the magnitude 5.3 from 3am are getting overtaken by ones about the magnitude 4.1 at 9am.)

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  • Before more tweets and while I’m writing, introduction to the central city plan from CCC (Chch. City Council):

    TVNZ have a recording of their building being demolished, with history and interviews:

    A few later tweets:

    @ChiefSciAdvisor ChiefScienceAdvisor
    Peter Gluckman at today’s press conference on the psychosocial consequences of the Chch e’quakes #eqnz

    @sokpuppet (Regan) That’s it. My brain is officially gone today. No more #eqnz or I will just end up sitting under the stairs laughing softly to myself.

    @MoataTamaira (Moata Tamaira) Moata-oracle predicts a sharp spike in coffee and caffeinated beverages today.

    @simcmanus Si (Si = Simon McManus) @CentrePntMotel imagine if this was in the 1980s when some hotels/motels had waterbeds [hehe]

    @securitygalnz (Alison Poulter) Just remember #christchurch that we are all tired due to #eqnz so be patient, kind & keep outta my way!

  • More, while I’m procrastinating 😉
    @NathanaelB (Nathanael Boehm) Apparently engineers have to inspect all schools in Christchurch after a 4+ magnitude quake. That must be getting tedious … [I’ll say.]
    ChristchurchCC ChCh City Council
    Share a big idea; and get regular feedback on the draft Central City Plan #chch #eqnz #shareanidea [I’ve way too many ideas myself, probably hardly any are really sound…]
    From the TVNZ website:

    “ONE News reporter Charlotte Bellis told TV ONE’s Breakfast that the 5.3 shake measured 6 on the Mercalli scale which measures ground shaking. That means it would have been difficult to stand, there would be cracks in plaster and furniture could have overturned.”

    Good to see the intensity reported. It’s been one of my private gripes that only magnitudes are reported, not intensities.
    Map of area with sewerage restored today: