Expert Witness – new forensic science book

By Grant Jacobs 15/05/2011

Congratulations to fellow sciblogger Anna Sandiford on the up-coming release of her book Expert Witness in June.

ExpertWitnessDetails on the book are available at the Publisher’s website. It’s available for pre-order from a number of on-line bookstores[1] in either paperback or e-book formats. Here’s the blurb on the sellers’ websites:

Forensic scientists are crime-solving sleuths producing slam-dunk evidence and tidy endings all in a day’s work …because being a forensic scientist is just like it is on the television, isn’t it? In fact, it’s so much more than this. From examining illegal drugs to collecting pollen samples from corpses, an independent forensic scientist reveals her fascinating world in this book. Using first-hand experience, Dr Anna Sandiford presents a real-life look at the inner workings of forensic science as she recounts her work, as well as that of others, on well-known (and some lesser known) cases that have created so much media and public fascination.

Hopefully the author will chip in with more on her new book on her blog.

Anna is the director of the The Forensic Group.


While putting this post together I discovered that Anna’s blog is ranked in the top 25 forensic science blogs by the US Criminal Justice Degree Schools.

[1] e.g. WheelersFishpond, TimeOut, The Mighty Ape (New Zealand), Fishpond (Australia) or The Book Depository (UK).

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  • I spotted a few copies of Anna’s book in Whitcoulls this morning. It’s not June yet; it seems (some) copies are making it to the shelves early. Those that are quick can make use of Whitcoulls’ 4-day 30% off non-fiction sale, which ends tomorrow (Sunday May 29th). You’ll find it in the ‘true crime’ section. (At least that’s were my local store stuck it.)

  • One of the pieces of evidence Dr. Sandiford found in the Bai house after the murder was blood stained footprints in the carpet.
    Please enter my Name to win this book as I’d love to read it?
    [I’ve taken out your address for the moment for privacy!]

  • Snow,

    Great that you want to read the book – I’m enjoying it myself.

    My article isn’t a competition for a copy of the book unfortunately, but gossip is that there might be something on sciblogs (this website) later!