NLM software competition (US-based applicants only…)

By Grant Jacobs 18/05/2011 is advertising a competition where the

NLM is challenging people to create innovative software applications that use the Library’s vast collection of biomedical data.

Details are on the website. Do check the ‘Rules’ page as as well as the ‘Details’ page, as some of the requirements there are not listed on the ‘Details’ page (the eligibility requirements, for example).

The finalists and winners have their software made available on the NLM website (winners retain IP ownership) and to travel to a meeting to receive the award (expenses paid). I have to admit I was half-expecting some prize money on offer, but perhaps that reflects a personal desire to have more money!!


I started writing this thinking it might be of interest to the bioinformatics community at large, only to discover find that it’s limited to those in the USA. Sigh. (Not unexpected given the source though.) I’m still posting it in the hope it’s still of use to some of my readers.

H/T: @kubke

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