Christchurch earthquake telethon

By Grant Jacobs 22/05/2011 1

Running for the next twelve hours is a telethon to raise funds for the Christchurch restoration project.

My readers will already know well that Christchurch, my hometown, has experienced a large earthquake last year (September 4th, magnitude 7.1) and a (large!) number of aftershocks, in particular a magnitude 6.3 event on February 22nd.

You can contribute and watch the event live on-line, at Rise Up Christchurch. Local viewers can watch it on MaoriTV.

There’s interviews of people, views of the central business district which is badly damaged, entertainment.

Some items, among others, being sold (see

  • a pair of Gucci shoes worn and autographed by pop singer Lady Gaga
  • pop singer Katy Perry’s guitar (signed)

For those that know them, ’names’ that will be appearing include in no particular order!:

  • Usher (singer)
  • Rachel Hunter (model, NZer)
  • Anna Paquin (Oscar-winning actress, NZer) will be amongst a crowd of other Kiwi actors and company at Hollywood including: Martin Henderson, Mark Hewlett, Chris Hobbs…
  • Neil Finn (singer, of Crowded House, Split Enz)
  • Manchester United boss Sir Alex Ferguson (football manager)
  • Benji Marshall (rugby league star and Kiwis team captain) with sporting guests in Australia
  • Zane Lowe (radio, in England; NZer)
  • Prince Edward (British Royalty; lived in NZ for a year; from recollection there is apparently 30min of time from Buckingham Palace)
  • Peter Jackson (Oscar-winning movie director, Lord of the Rings, King Kong, Heavenly Creatures, The FrightenersThe Lovely Bones, etc.; NZer; this article suggests he’s made a couple of short films for the event)
  • Sir Ian McKellen (actor, stars in the up-coming The Hobbit)
  • Shane Cameron (boxer) and Candy Lane will take to the dance floor

Update: This long article by Cate Brett offers a perspective from three months on. It looks at the wider picture, for example mentioning the ~20,000 homes with significant damage, the social developments and so on.


I may add more details later today, if I find time.

For those from overseas ‘NZer’ is a common short-hand for New Zealander. Less to type…

My apologies for not linking to or giving credit to all the sources of the information (mostly media reports) as I usually would, as my time is very limited.

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