Follow the World Conference of Science Journalists on-line

By Grant Jacobs 27/06/2011

For those interested in science communication, a quick heads’ up: the World Conference of Science Journalists, moved from Cairo to Doha, Qatar, starts ’today’. (Where they are, that is!) Details of how to follow the event on-line can be found on a page at the US National Association of Science Writers.

Update: looks as if videos will be coming under the WCSJ2011 YouTube account. There are no presentations up (yet), but there are some interviews. I’d include one below as a taster, but the WordPress blog editor doesn’t seem to want to embed these, so you’ll have to make the trek over there yourself!

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  • Stuff like this makes me envious of those attending! (From the #wcsj2011 twitter stream: don’t forget to select ‘All’ next to ‘Tweets’ or you’ll miss most of them) –

    @SAeditorinchief (Mariette DiChristina)
    726 delegates from 90 countries–50% from developing nations–here at #wcsj2011 in Doha, Qatar [I love travel to out-of-the-way places – sounds as if those attending would make for interesting conversations.]

    @edyong209 Ed Yong
    Zewail: We’re good at collecting information; the challenge is to use that information to create new knowledge [I wrote about a closely related issue in bioinformatics some time ago:

    @mwikramanayake (Marisa Wikramanayake)
    The #wcsj2011 tweets are nice to see but they make me want to bang my head against a wall at the general ignorance of people. Study history! [Something I’ve suggested, too:

    @mwikramanayake Marisa Wikramanayake @Tuna Shouldn’t sci journos be aware of the history of science? Shouldn’t they question any gaps in their knowledge? Why wait for #wcsj2011?

    Not to mention tit-bits like this:

    @seanmcarroll (Sean Carroll; re-tweeted by deborahblum)
    US military spends more on air conditioning in Iraq & Afghanistan than NASA’s annual budget.

    @ivanoransky (Ivan Oransky; author of Retraction Watch and Embargo Watch)
    Zewail: Too much negative reporting on what has _not_ happened in science #wcsj2011 (I know what he means, but we need accountability)

    @alexwitze Alexandra Witze
    Mohammed Fathy Saoud, Qatar Foundation, calls for 2.8 percent GDP investment in sci/tech #WCSJ2011 – that’d be just above US levels [What’s NZ’s GDP investment?]

    OK, OK… I have to force myself off to work. These people are way too distracting…

  • I’ve just added a link to a YouTube for the WCSJ meeting. Some interviews (worth viewing) and general coverage is offered so far.