GNS geologist Kevin Berryman speaking at July 15th Christchurch earthquake media briefing

By Grant Jacobs 17/07/2011

Below is a video of Kevin Berryman’s presentation at the July 15th CERA media briefing. In it he presents over approximately 15 minutes data gathered from the June 13th events and looking forward – I hope that the extra detail over-and-above that seen in general media is useful, or at least interesting, to some readers.

A small snag with this coverage is that while it offers the slides for long periods of time–good for examining them–at some points Berryman refers to items on the slide by pointing them out, i.e. ’here’, which, of course, you can’t readily figure out in the presentation. (Ideally I would like to have seen a small window showing him presenting the material overlaid, but that has it’s own faults e.g. obscuring content it’s overlaid on.)

(CERA = Canterbury Earthquake Regional Authority. I’m not a geologist; I’m offering this as general interest for those following events in the Christchurch area.)