Bioinformatics: ISMB on-line

By Grant Jacobs 19/07/2011

Over the past few days–when I’ve had time–I’ve been catching a little of the on-line feeds coming from the ISMB (the International Society of Computational Biology annual Intelligent Systems for Molecular Biology meeting).[1]

Perhaps the easiest is to scan the FriendFeed for the meeting and see what talks have generated comments. You’ll have to scan several pages back to get to the first talks–there’s an awful lot of them! The help page for blogging indicates that you can–supposedly–access the FriendFeed (FF) via the meeting schedule, but I’m having no luck trying that, so I suggest just going straight to the FF page.

You can also trying following the #ismb twitter hashtag. Of course, you’ll end up with all the different parallel sessions merged into one stream, but it still has some gems that are worth the effort. Don’t forget to select ‘All’ (to the right of ‘Tweets’ immediately above the tweet stream) if you want to see all the tweets, not just the top ones.


Please excuse the hiccup earlier tonight; with any luck normal service will have resumed…

I’ve no idea if the talks are being recording to be presented later as on-line videos.

1. I’m not keen on the name of the meeting – it feels like a flashback to meetings focused on the AI approach; the current meetings have a far wider brief.

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