We have a winner…

By Peter Griffin 19/07/2011

Last week Expert Witness, written fellow sciblogger and forensic scientist Anna Sandiford, was reviewed and a competition offered for a free copy of the book.

And the winner of the competition is… Katie Brockie, who should expect an email sometime in the next wee while from Sciblogs editor Peter Griffin arranging delivery of her copy of the book.

Those that didn’t win – go on, get yourself a copy!

For the insatiably curious, the winner was chosen by a random ballot from a short-list selected from those who offered questions. (Perl computer programming geeks will probably be happy that, yes, it was a Perl one-liner that selected the winner from the shortlist.)

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0 Responses to “We have a winner…”

  • Fabulous news!
    Over the next few weeks I will be answering all the questions offered and any additional ones that anyone wants answered.
    I hope Katie enjoys the book!

  • Just so people know, the article announcing the prize isn’t actually written by Peter Griffin, but by me. It does look a bit confusing and Peter isn’t referring to himself in the royal third person 🙂 Peter’s name is there owing to trying to sort out a problem that blocked the post from being presented.