Pharyngula undergoes fission

By Grant Jacobs 04/08/2011

A very quick note to those that follow who’s who in science blogging networks: PZ Myers, author of Pharyngula, has moved to have his content over two locations:, now owned by National Geographic, and the new Freethought Blogs. (I’m late to this party, being preoccupied with other things; hence the brevity of this post, too.)

As he explains on his google+ page:

My plan is to post the current full content of Pharyngula on the new site. I will still be maintaining my relationship with Scienceblogs and National Geographic, but only select content will appear there: that is, science, anti-creationism, that sort of thing…the openly anti-religious material will be on FtB only. So if you’re a Christian, you’ll now be able to read Sb Pharyngula without crying (but don’t fool yourself, I’ll still be despising your foolish belief system); if you’re a teacher, you’ll be able to tell your students to read Sb Pharyngula without fearing the wrath of the PTA.

It seems National Geographic accepts anti-creationist posts, but draws the line at those that are ’openly anti-religious’. That would fit the magazine’s past.Freethoughts seem to offer a fairly broad range of content, but with a strong dollop of atheist thinking. I write ‘seemingly’ as I can’t see any ‘About’ page – as yet. There are some welcome posts up (like PZ Myer’s).

It’s widely known that PZ Myers brings the bulk of the traffic. His articles have  a fairly wide range, but he is he is best known for his posts opposing religious issues. So much so that people seem less aware of his non-atheism posts than they might otherwise be.

It seems a good compromise solution. National Geographic gets Myer’s content, less what some seem as more controversial material.

Several other blogs share new network – a few I know of, others I’ve never seen before:

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