Who are you?

By Grant Jacobs 16/08/2011

Head on over to Richard Grant’s blog to describe your (exciting!) work life ’in haiku, limerick form or rhyming couplets.’

His post is a response to receiving a CV in exceptionally brief form – a haiku; you can read about that there, too.

My own feeble contribution (mangled by late-night typos) was:

There are codes for life,
in those letters that my code
builds some sense of life.

(As a computational biologist a fair amount of my time is spent writing computer code; there’s also oblique to other ‘codes for life’. I did write a longer version, based in part on my explanation of the name of this blog (Code for life) in my About page (in the banner, above) but I don’t think you need to see more of my poor poetry!)

I’m sure my readers could do better; head on over and give it your best.