Mutating a line

By Grant Jacobs 30/08/2011

(For [younger] readers to view and science communicators to admire or critique.)

This short video has an engaging and very clever way of illustrating some basic aspects of evolution – using a simple line:

It’s a great starting point, I just wish it were extended to include selection and so on. Also, while it presents an analogy, it doesn’t then go on to relate the analogy to genome sequences, tying it to how things happen ‘in real life’. Extending the analogy or making it more closely fit reality would require that a lot more people get involved and more generations used, so fair enough perhaps.

I’d offer my thoughts on how to extend this but I’m all out of time this morning so I’ll invite you, readers,  to offer your ideas. (Briefly I had the idea of selecting for blocking objects travelling horizontally across and vertically downards.)

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