Compare broadband, mobile, TV costs and services

By Grant Jacobs 04/09/2011

New Zealander readers may wish to try comparing the costs and performance of broadband internet options using TellMe. You can also check the mobile phone or TV services. An internet speed test is also provided. (Other internet speed tests are available elsewhere on-line.)

Press the big blue ‘Get Started’ button, select the service you want to query (landline or mobile telephone, TV, land-based or mobile internet) and answer the questions that follow. You’ll be given a page of options, listed in order of increasing cost for the service and standards you want. Don’t miss that there might be more than one page of options offered (the links to further pages are at the bottom of those listed).

To look closer at the options, select up to three option (check the checkboxes to the left of the options of interest) and press ‘Compare’ (just above the listed options) and further details will be presented. You can also get details by clicking on the package name. You will want to consider what things are not covered by the questions asked, e.g. hosting websites.

This does not present short-time offers; a separate page lists links to the providers’ short-time offers.

It’s worth exploring. One thing I’ve become aware of is that some providers bundle ’Free unlimited access to iSky and TVNZ On Demand’. It’s also fun to see the extra cost of broadband via a satellite phone! It’s not cheap.

If you’re bothered at not seeing any Telecom broadband offerings, run the questionnaire also asking for a landline. From the TellMe About the questionnaire page:

Currently Telecom only offers its internet packages with a Telecom landline. So if you are only looking at internet options without landline then Telecom will not be in your results.


I’m not ’selling’ Consumer’s products (!) or advocating them (I’ve no idea what their products are like for one thing!) – I’m pointing at this tool as it is simple and quick, and may suggest some options for readers to look further into.

KiwiSavers offers a static chart comparing the main broadband offerings and costs, at the time last updated on July 13th.

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