Tracks on the Moon

By Grant Jacobs 07/09/2011

NASA has some excellent new photographs and a short video of the Apollo landing areas on the moon. By shifting the elliptical orbit of the Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter, without altering its average altitude, they shifted its lowest point to be over the sunny side of the Moon. At its closest point it passed only 21 kilometres above the Moon’s surface, as opposed to approximately 50 kilometres.

These photos reveal the tracks the moon rover and the astronauts made in exploring the this small part of the Moon’s surface:

Source: NASA - Click for full-sized image (very large).
Source: NASA – Click for full-sized image (very large).

It’s fun to look down on where they wandered.

More details and other photographs can be found on the NASA website.


I have no expertise in this; I get to naïvely be impressed along with everyone else 😉

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