Iconic Apple CEO Steve Jobs dies

By Grant Jacobs 06/10/2011

Today the Apple website features a full-screen image of Steve Jobs and a concise tribute, calling for thoughts, memories and condolences.

He lead a company and technologies that he put squarely in the public eye and would have to be one of the best-known names in the computer industry. Things he did had impact and got talked about.

The first computer I owned for myself was a Sundox, a Taiwanese clone of an Apple ][+.* (Apple’s Roman two was written with an inverted pair of square brackets. Geeky in a Star Wars kind of way.)

Like many I went with the IMB-clones PCs when they came in (they were considerably more capable than any other ‘home’ computer of the time), returning to Apple machines for my personal use during the LCIII era. Since then I’ve used Apple machines as my personal machines, especially with the arrival of Mac OS X with it’s Unix underpinnings – a byproduct of Steve Jobs and his time at NeXT.**

Few will not know of the consumer-oriented devices that Apple has brought out over his past few years at the helm including the iPhone, iPod and iPad, along with the Macbook Air, the all-in-one widescreen iMacs among others.

In the movie industry, Steve Jobs was CE of Pixar Animation Studios, an executive producer of Toy Story and member of the board of Disney. If you want a life history, the wikipedia entry isn’t a bad starting point.

Below is Steve Jobs’ Standford commencement address from 2005. Worth viewing.

The last of the three stories he relates includes his learning of his pancreatic cancer. His hope for a ’a few more decades’ unfortunately hasn’t been fulfilled, but it seems to me that he did an awful lot left with what time he did have.


I have to admit I find it a bit tasteless, or at least a bit sloppy, that stuff.co.nz has advertising on the page announcing his death. Perhaps they might develop a policy of no advertising on pages announcing deaths or offering obits.

* One of the drawcards was UCSD Pascal. In some ways this attracted me as much, possibly even more, than the hardware.

** The full story is more complex, of course. I should add that I use Linux (and more generally Unix), as it’s a common academic research platform.

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