By Grant Jacobs 16/10/2011

Just a quick heads-up for those interested in science writing – a joint annual meeting of the National Association of Science Writers and the Council for the Advancement of Science Writing (both of the USA) is currently underway. There’s a twitter stream under the #sciwri11 hashtag (don’t forget to select ‘All’, rather than ‘Top’, so that you can see all the tweets) and a Facebook page that you might like to follow.

While the meeting is primarily for science writers in the USA many of the issues are, of course, universal. As far as I am aware there is no live-streaming video of the sessions.

Update: There are article about some of the sessions at the NASW past event coverage web page. (Look for the subject ‘ScienceWriters meeting’ just about the article titles.)

(Earlier update to add additional reading links, below, and tags.)

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