The neutrino song

By Grant Jacobs 23/10/2011

… in Irish folk rock. (Band Corrigan Brothers, featuring Pete Creighton.)

Who says current science never makes into song?

(Lazy Sunday post, this. Now I’m off outside – beautiful Spring day.)

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  • Those wanting a little reading, rather than music—or perhaps both—might try this article There was a neutrino named Bright.

    I confess I’m including as much for being titled after a limerick I remember well for having been in a computer science exam. Our examiners—our lecturers—would include lighter asides in the exam including introducing me to Mordillo cartoons, which I love. The limerick is well-known, but for those of you who haven’t heard it before it goes (along one variant or other of):

    There was a young lady named Bright,
    who could travel far faster than light.
    One day she set off, in a relative way,
    and came back the previous night.