When a City Falls – trailer for movie on Christchurch earthquakes

By Grant Jacobs 26/10/2011

Below is the trailer for a feature-length documentary on the earthquakes at my hometown, Christchurch, When a City Falls, directed by Gerard Smyth.

Included in the commentary at YouTube is some information on the release dates:

’The film is [to be] released to cinemas in November 2011. It will go to Australia too, but the dates have not been confirmed yet.’

The production has a Facebook page with news and discussions. The NZ Herald reports that the premiere will be at The Palms in Christchurch on November 16.

I understand that the film  mainly covers the two main events (September 4th, 2010 and February 22nd, 20110) along with the impact of the aftershocks (I note the larger magnitude ones in my news feed) and liquefaction and other issues.

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