Wolinsky, Kendrew and others on science blogging

By Grant Jacobs 28/10/2011

Freelance journalist Howard Wolinsky has written an examination of science blogging, More than a blog, published in EMBO Reports. It will be open access until December (2011) – get in while you can!

Wolinsky’s article presents views gleaned from leading science bloggers including Carl ZImmer, Rosie Redfield, PZ Mysers, GrrlScientist, Jerry Coyne, Sean Carroll, Bora Zivkovic and several others.

Also on science blogging is Sarah Kendrew’s article presented at the Guardian blogs, Brian Cox is wrong: blogging your research is not a recipe for disaster. Whilst relating the example of the faster-than-light neutrino work she mentions that this is still not peer-reviewed. How many readers knew that? – I didn’t.The coverage of the ‘arsenic life’ fuss is used as an opening bid for Wolinsky’s article. Try read past this.

It’s not wrong, but there is more to science blogging than just trying to correct press releases and poor media coverage as becomes clearer further down in his article.

My initial thoughts on Wolinsky’s article largely concur with those of Larry Moran.

To add to Moran’s thoughts, I would like to have seen an outline of the different types of material presented in science blogs laid out rather than scattered through the article.

Given the very wide range of styles and topics available, in some senses referring to science blogging as ‘one thing’ may be misleading to those new to them.


More than a blog

Howard Wolinsky

EMBO reports advance online publication 14 October 2011; doi:10.1038/embor.2011.201

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