ScienceOnline2012 – only two registration slots to go

By Grant Jacobs 04/11/2011

ScienceOnline2011 is the sixth of the annual gatherings of the on-line science communication community at Raleigh, North Carolina.

Even if you have no intention of attending, but are interested in science communication, it’s worth reading the draft programme – the ideas in there should give you plenty to think about. (There is so much in the programme that I’m left wondering how participants are supposed to choose what sessions to attend.)

For those familiar with the on-line science writing community, those who have registered thus far read like a who’s who. having said that, as well as the established names, there are many new ones I’ve yet to run into.Registration has been split into four time slots, each taking 100 applicants. This is in part to cope with last year’s registration which was all over in well under an hour, and to provide time slots suitable for those from overseas. Registration slots left are Tues, Nov 8th at 00:01 a.m. EST and Wed, Nov 9th at 6 p.m. EST.

There is a facebook page and, of course, you can follow them on twitter – following either the #scio12 hashtag or @scio12.* The hashtag will give you all the news; @scio12 is from the organisors. There is also a #scio12 google circle (I haven’t quite caught up with this yet and will update this when I have it sorted.)

This year’s is bigger (450 participants) and in a new venue. They’re also looking for additional sponsors.


I  have been named as a moderator of one session.

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